Health Ministries

Our Mission

Health Ministry has to do with two key concepts – wholeness and restoration and is thus all about – Restoring Wholeness. The great objective is the development of the whole person in body, mind and spirit that it might enhance our happiness of this life as well as promote our spiritual experience and effectives in service to God. It meets a universal human need in lessening the burden of suffering and is a wonderful way to open the heart to spiritual things.

Major emphases are – Lifestyle Medicine, Spirituality and Health, Every church a health and wellness centre, and our Healthy High initiative. These are reflected and incorporated into a three-pronged approach under the LIVE MORE banner of:

Live More Healthy
Live More Happy
Live More Holy

Under the Live More Healthy banner are such programs as: The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP); the Community Health Education Presenters (CHEP) Cert IV course; the Taking Charge of Your Health (TCHY) program, CREATION Health program, the computerised Health Age Assessment; and the Healthy High initiative in schools.

Under the Live More Happy banner are such programs as: the Neil Nedley ‘Depression Recovery Program’; the computerised ‘Your Stress Profile’; and Darren Morton’s ‘Seven Secrets to Feeling Fantastic’.

Under the banner of Live More Holy are such programs as: Forgive to Live by Dick Tibbits, our Annual Week of Fasting and Prayer, Spirituality and Health events, as well as initiatives to Live More Spiritual on the Sabbath.


Pr Neil Marks

Pr Neil Marks

Director of Health

Hayley Lambe

Personal Assistant

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