Young Adult & Tertiary Ministries

Our Mission

The vision for Young Adult and Tertiary Ministries is to connect young people with each other, with Jesus, and with the Local Church, enabling them to be lights in their communities.

We believe that “the local church must be the primary target of Young Adult Ministry…. Young Adult ministry is only effective when it is a response to local needs, guided by local convictions in the hands of local people.”

Our local Churches are foundational to a flourishing young adult community; thus a primary focus is to liaise with, support and resource local leaders and their ministry initiatives.  This year, we want to strengthen and grow existing networks within Young Adult communities and Tertiary students within our Local Church. 

Feb 16-19 Australia-wide Young Adult Camp – ‘Converge’ (AUC)
Feb 20-22 Young Adult Leadership Workshops (various regions) (SQ)
Mar 16-18 Leadership Conference (SQ)
June 1-3 Young Adult Conference (SQ)
Sept 21-29 – Big Camp (SQ)
Nov 5-9 Young Adult Leadership Workshops (various regions) (SQ)

Alina Coccetti

Alina Coccetti

Director of Young Adult and Tertiary Ministries
Margaret Earnest

Margaret Earnest

Personal Assistant

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