You will find a hard copy in your May Focus Magazine.

Big Camp 2017

September 15 – 23

2017 Applications

You will find a hard copy in your May Focus Magazine.

We need your help!

Calling all musicians! Marcha William, international sacred gospel singer, composer and worship leader of 20 years, has been appointed by the conference as the new music director this year for Big tent music

The conference is looking at building and empowering more local musicians to become a part of the Big camp music experience this year

To help make this a reality, Marcha and her team are working together to develop a local orchestra and choir to be a part of Big Tent music.

Marcha and her music team envision to establish Big tent music in South QLD as a golden standard of excellence and sacredness for annual SDA Big Camps in Australia.

To begin this journey, the team would like to form an orchestra and choir consisting of interested musicians/singers throughout South QLD, that will combine together to provide music for the second weekend of camp in the Big Tent, culminating in a homecoming style concert on the final Saturday evening.

To express your interest in joining the orchestra or choir, and for rehearsal schedule, please contact Vesna Rica on email: or mobile 0419703934

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