Big Camp Information

General Information


    Remember, applications open, 28 May 2018.

    Phone applications will NOT be accepted.


    Applications received from outside of the South QLD Conference will not be processed until after the end of 30 June 2018 and are subject to accommodation availability at that time.


    APPLICATIONS FOR ACCOMMODATION at our Annual Convention will only be accepted from persons over the age of 18 years who will be residing on site during this time.


    WAITING LIST: If the accommodation you applied for at camp is already full, we will notify you and place your name on a waiting list or you may apply for an alternative type of accommodation if available.


    CANCELLATIONS must be made no later than Wednesday, 5 September 2018, otherwise payment will be forfeited.


    CARAVANS should not be brought on site prior to Sunday, 16 September 2018 or left on site after Sunday 30 September 2018 without the approval of the Watson Park Convention Centre manager.


    UNITS are allocated on a needs basis as applications are received, and must be occupied by applicant for the duration of camp, not just weekends.



    Sunday 16/9/18 Caravans and Private Tents from 8:00am – 5:00pm

    Conference Tents from 12:00 noon – 5:00pm

    Monday 17/9/18 – Wednesday 19/9/18 from 9:00am – 5:00pm

    Thursday 20/9/18 – Friday 21/9/18 from 8:00am – 8:00pm

    Unit registration will only be available after 8:00am Thursday 20/9/18


    CAMP SITES may not be occupied by campers until Thursday, 20 September 2018 as the camp ground is considered a work area until this time. Northpine Christian College is also still in operation until this time. If campers are found to be occupying sites before this date they will be asked to leave.

Camp Safety Information

  • Introduction

    Big Camp Safety Information

    We want to make camp enjoyable and safe for you. Here is some information to help you during your stay with us:

  • Emergency Procedures

    Hazards, Incidents and Safety Concerns

    If you have any questions regarding your caravan or tent site set-up and require detailed set-up procedures, or procedures for using your tools and equipment, please see the Camp Superintendent or Risk Management department located at the Camp Office. If you wish to notify any hazards you’ve noticed please visit the Camp office for a Hazard Report. You will also be able to get Incident Reports from the Camp office if you have been involved in or witnessed an incident.

    Big camp Camper emergency procedure

  • Mobility Devices Policy & Procedure


    Helpful information for Motorised Wheelchair Registration; 

    Helpful information when travelling with a wheelchair or motorised scooter; 

    Use of recreational mobility devices

    Camp is pedestrian territory. NO motorcycles, bicycles (of any kind, including mini-bikes), rollerblades/roller skates, scooters (of any kind), skateboards, wheel shoes/skate shoes are permitted on camp grounds. Unauthorised vehicles or devices will be escorted off camp grounds.

    Special needs: motorised wheel chairs, mobility scooters

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church (South Queensland Conference) wishes to support those with a disability by allowing motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters on camp grounds, which have been registered through Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads, on the condition that the registered mobility devices have also been listed on camp application forms, and registered and acknowledged by Camp Registration prior to arrival. Unregistered or unauthorised vehicles will be escorted off camp grounds.

    Special needs: other mobility devices for persons with a disability

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church (South Queensland Conference) also wishes to support those with a disability by allowing other mobility devices, which cannot be registered through Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads. If you wish to use bicycles or tricycles because of your medical condition, please ensure the following:

    1. Provide a medical certificate to the Risk Management officer stating the use of your mobility device is required for your medical condition
    2. A risk assessment and agreement will be developed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church (South Queensland Conference) for you to sign upon arrival on the camp ground

Children & Youth Divisions Information

Pricing For 2018 as follows…

ENSUITE UNITMax – 6 Persons$325 per person
BASIC UNITMax – 4 Persons$260 per person
UNIT CLEANING BOND$70 (refundable: applies to both ensuite and basic units)
KEYS$20/key (maximum 2 keys per unit refundable on return)
(unpowered – light only)
CARAVAN SITE (supply own caravan)$275/each
Beds (Single – limited supply)*$15/each
Mattresses (Single – limited supply)*$13/each
Chairs (limited supply)$10/each
Metal Crosspiece (limited supply)$10/each
*PLEASE NOTE: Double beds and double mattresses are no longer available for hire. Single beds and mattresses are limited. If able, please supply own furniture.